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North American Christian Convention, Kansas City, MO

The word of God (the seed) is for everyone.  But the seed often bears no fruit because the soil is inadequately prepared (Mt. 13; Mk. 4; Lk. 8).  

Part 1 of this session (by Rich Knopp) offers a general description of the Room For Doubt program and some reasons why it is relevant and potentially valuable for churches and other Christian groups.  Part 2 (by Garry Poole) discusses how to create and use small groups to invite and encourage Christians and non-Christians to talk openly and honestly about spiritual questions.

Session Handouts and Resources for Part 1

Handout Outline:
  • “Preparing the Soil for the Seed: Giving Room For Doubt” (handout with blanks)
  • “Preparing the Soil for the Seed: Giving Room For Doubt” (handout with answers)
    (Handouts also include recommended books and website resources.)


Presentation Slides


Dr. Rich Knopp is Professor of Philosophy & Christian Apologetics at Lincoln Christian University – Lincoln, Illinois; Program Director for WorldView Eyes; and Program Director for Room For Doubt. For more biographical info, click HERE.

Room For Doubt includes a six-week message and curriculum series for churches and parachurch ministries.  Resources for the series were developed by Mark Mittelberg, Garry Poole, Lee Strobel, and Rich Knopp.  For an overview of the six-week seriesCLICK HERE.