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This informative and encouraging event will strengthen your faith and help you strengthen the faith of others. The conference will include two main sessions, lunch, and a Q&A. It will address a variety of questions that often create doubts about the Christian faith.

The conference will be led by Dr. Richard Knopp, the Executive Director of Room For Doubt and a long-time professor of philosophy and Christian apologetics at Lincoln Christian University and Seminary. He also served from 2000-2022 as the Director of Worldview Eyes, a program funded by over $1 million from the Lilly Endowment to help high school youth understand and live a Christian worldview. His multimedia presentations have been attended by over 80,000 in churches, conferences, and conventions in the United States, Canada, and China.

Valley Christian Church
20270 Iberia Ave., Lakeville, Minnesota

Session #1: The Existence and Character of God

  • Why believe that God exists?
  • Why would a “good” God allow pain and suffering?
  • How could a “good” God send some to hell?

Session #2: The Uniqueness of Biblical Christianity

  • Why be a Christian and not something else?
  • Why believe in the bodily resurrection of Jesus?
  • Why accept the authority of the Bible?
  • Why believe that our four gospels provide reliable first-century history?
  • Aren’t there many contradictions and inconsistencies in the Bible?

Conference Handouts and Supplemental Materials

Recommended Resources