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October 10–October 14, 2022

Worldview Week is a five-day worldview experience for students in 6th-12th grade designed to inform and strengthen their faith in Christ. Students will learn about the value of the worldview “tool,” the basics of different worldviews, what’s unique about the Christian worldview, how Christianity is different from other religions, key evidence for the resurrection of Jesus, and how to live a Christian worldview in their world. Students will also discuss a variety of issues in small groups. The week will end with a Q&A panel who will respond to student questions.


Session Handouts and Resources




  • Trey Shigley, What is Truth?
  • Trey Shigley, Why Can’t Many Religions All Be True?



  • Zach Breitenbach, Is There Good Evidence for the Resurrection: Part 1
  • Zach Breitenbach, Is There Good Evidence for the Resurrection: Part 2



Recommended Resources from Room For Doubt


  • Includes books (with annotations), websites (with descriptions), and some video links.
  • Resources (1) for Church Leaders; (2) for Teens & Young Adults; and (3) on Science and the Christian faith.

Email your questions or comments (before, during, or after the event).