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High School Mid-Winter Retreat
Lake Springfield Christian Assembly

January 13–15, 2023

Welcome to the resource page for the high school Mid-Winter Retreat at Lake Springfield. It will provide handouts and other resources. The main presentations are given by Dr. Rich Knopp. Rich is the Executive Director of Room For Doubt and Professor Emeritus of Philosophy & Christian Apologetics at Lincoln Christian University.

Thanks for joining us as we deal with tough questions and doubts about the Christian faith. In addition to this website, make sure you check out Room For Doubt, a space where you can ask questions and find some direction. Also be sure to download the free Room For Doubt app for iOS and Android.

Session Handouts and Resources

  • Friday: “Dealing With Doubts About Christianity.” Handout with answers.
  • Saturday: “If Not Christianity, then What?” Handout.
  • Sunday: “Why I Believe in the Truth of Christianity.” Handout.

Featured Resources

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