Learning to Love God in a World of Options

(This four-part series is currently in development)

Primary Goal

To lead teens to have a strong Christian faith, learn to love God more deeply, and live for God more faithfully.

Objectives of this Four-Part Series:

  1. Introduce the concept of a “worldview” as a powerful and practical tool to develop committed Christ-followers.
  2. Offer a strong foundation in basic Christian beliefs.
  3. Explain the core beliefs of Christianity in the context of other world religions and different Christian denominations.
  4. Survey and evaluate major non-Christian worldviews.
  5. Provide a persuasive case for the truth of Christianity.
  6. Enable Christian students to share their faith more confidently and effectively.

Lesson Components

  • Video Teaching (about 20 minutes).
  • Leader Guide with detailed teacher resources and instructions.
  • Student Guide to use during and after each lesson.
  • Parent Guide to prompt valuable conversations and activities.

Sections in Each Lesson

  • Let’s Kickoff:  Introductory questions or activities.
  • Let’s Learn:  The main video teaching material.
  • Let’s Interact:  Discussion questions for reflection and interaction.
  • Let’s Do Something:  Suggested activities to help apply the lesson during the week.
  • Let the Spirit Speak:  A list of Scriptures and devotional thoughts to use during the week.
  • Let’s Go Deeper:  A list of recommended resources that are quick and easy to access.

Lesson Titles

Part 1:  Learning to Love the God of the Bible

  1. Learning to Love Others—and God
  2. The Worldview Tool
  3. God: The GOAT of the Universe
  4. God’s Love Story
  5. God as Powerful Creator
  6. God as Incarnate Savior

Part 3: Non-Christian Options

  1. Different Worldviews: An Overview
  2. Deism & Secular Humanism: Emphasis on Reason
  3. Nihilism: The Dive into Despair
  4. Existentialism:  Emphasis on Feelings
  5. Pantheism and New Age: Everything is One
  6. Syncretism, Pluralism, and Relativism: Whatever!

Part 2:  Loving God in a World of Religious Confusion

  1. Christianity and Other Religions
  2. Christianity and Christian Denominations
  3. God as All Powerful and All Knowing
  4. God, Pain, and Pandemics
  5. A God of Truth and Grace
  6. God, Morality, and Sexuality

Part 4: The Christian Worldview: It’s True

  1. Meaning, Morality, and Social Justice
  2. Christianity and Science
  3. Jesus and His Resurrection: The Gospels
  4. Jesus and His Resurrection: The New Testament
  5. The Bible:  The Authority of the Books
  6. The Bible:  The Reliability of the Text