The Worldview Guy
The Worldview Guy

Dr. Richard Knopp

Helping others understand and live a Christian worldview in a complex world

Welcome to my place!

You can discover more about me on the ABOUT page, but here are some highlights:
  • I’m aretired professor who taught college and seminary classes in worldview studies, Christian apologetics, and philosophy.
  • From 2000-2022, I directed a program called “Worldview Eyes” that was funded by over $1 million dollars from the Lilly Endowment to help high school youth understand and embrace a Christian worldview.
  • I’m currently the Executive Director of Room For Doubt, a program that encourages questions and addresses doubts about the Christian faith.
  • I want to use my experience and expertise to help youth and adults develop a confident Christian faith and a convincing but compassionate Christian witness.
  • I offerin-person and online multimedia events for churches, youth groups, retreats, camps, conferences, conventions, campus ministries, and Christian colleges and schools.
  • I’mdeveloping a variety of curricula for high school and college ministries, small groups, and church classes.
  • Samples of my resources are provided on this website. Please look around and use what you can. If you have questions or are interested in scheduling me for an event, just EMAILme.